Child Internet Safety

One of the most significant and quickly adopted shifts in our society, is the expanding use of technology by everyone.  From toddlers watching shows on a hand held device to eight year olds walking around with phones and a data plan to twelve year olds being given iPads at school, access to everything is available everywhere!

How can parents keep up on the latest information & keep their children safe?

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection offers numerous free to educate parents about personal safety of their children.  Browse their selection of mostly free booklets for all age groups and place an order.

Rural Response for Healthy Children uses some of their resources in our school programs.  If you need help placing an order or accessing Internet Safety information, please call us at 519-482-8777.  In addition, the Huron County O.P.P and Huron County Health Unit’s School Public Health Nurses provide information to students and parents about Internet Safety.