Covid-19 & Parenting

Staying positive, seeking routine, managing stress and sharing information are at the forefront of parenting during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kids Help Line is available 24/7 for children & youth to call or text.
Phone: 1-800-668-6868 Text: 686868
They have a number of helpful resources available for parents.

Covid-19 Info For Young Children

Rachel Peet, a local medical student, who is home in Huron County during the pandemic, created a helpful booklet and animated video for young children who are eager to visit their local playground or park.
As of May 15, 2020, provincial parks are open for day use. Most municipalities continue to keep local parks and playgrounds closed to the public. We hope this resource helps parents/caregivers explain why children need to stay out of parks for awhile longer.

Hand Washing Heros animated video by Public Health Agency of Canada

My Hero Is You: How Kids Can Fight Covid-19 is a storybook that needs to be read by a parent/caregiver with children. It is not encouraged as a book for independent reading by children. This story is also available in many languages.

School Mental Health Ontario is an excellent, evidence-based organization providing support to Ontario teachers and families. They have numerous resources available For Parents and For Students.

Covid-19 Info for Pregnancy & Parenting

The Public Health Agency of Canada provides numerous resources about Covid-19.

Pregnancy, Child Birth & Caring for Newborns
How To Care for a Child at Home with Covid-19
Parenting During Covid-19

The World Health Organization offers new Covid-19 Parenting Tip Sheets on many topics.

The Parenting Tip Sheets are also available in many languages.