Internet Safety:  We strongly promote open discussion about the use of any device that connects to the Internet.  For more information, visit Internet Safety or call our office to speak with Genelle Reid.

Dollar$ense:  In partnership with Huron County Library, we maintain a library of family friendly household budget books, games and videos.  For more information, go to Dollar$ense.

Family Well Being:  We hold overall family well being in high regard and promote growing family resilience.  For resources to support your family’s well being, visit our Family Well Being page.  Please connect with Kristi Michel for more information.

Kinderoo School Readiness:  In partnership with Huron County Library, we offer ten themed activity backpacks to help your entire family prepare for a child’s entry into Kindergarten.  Check out the other resources available too!  Contact Jill Robertson for more ideas!

Toy Lending Library:  Toys, puzzles and books available for families with newborn to age 6 children.  Click here to learn how to borrow toys.  Contact Nicole O’Neill to make an appointment.