School Programs

Rural Response for Healthy Children provides personal safety and healthy relationship programs for elementary schools in Huron County.  Our primary focus for programming is Junior Kindergarten through Grade 4.

All programs align with the Ontario Curriculum for Health and Physical Education, specifically Healthy Living.  We encourage parents/caregivers to be involved in furthering the discussion at home.  Students are provided with information to take home or parents may contact us for more information and support.

Personal Safety

Personal safety educates children about the social skills they need to protect themselves from verbal, physical and sexual abuse, as well as online harassment.  Students learn to identify safe adults, identify feelings, name body parts and establish personal boundaries.

The programs are age specific with the goals of opening communication with children, thus increasing the likelihood of disclosures and disrupting the process of abuse and secrecy around touching and picture taking.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationship programming summarizes our promotion and prevention programs that focus on social skills, self-regulation and inclusion.   These programs are tailored with grade specific activities and resources.   The programs are available in full class or small group settings over a series of weeks.


From time to time, we offer well-being and mindfulness facilitators who engage students in developing their set of tools for coping with stress and staying focussed on the moments they are experiencing.