Separation & Divorce

Did you know that we provide education and support to children and parents who are coping with separation and divorce?  Sometimes we offer a Separation & Divorce group in communities throughout Huron County and the Parent Support Team is always available for telephone conversations or have time to set a time to meet.  Common topics are custody, parent communication, boundaries, ensuring children thrive and listening to your children.

The Ontario Ministry of Attorney General provides a helpful listing of additional online resources for parents.

Sesame Street provides a online divorce toolkit for parents and video for young children.

Sometimes difficulties arise with sharing access for children.  Huron Perth Supervised Access Program is available to families when both parents agree to the service or are court ordered.
We provide copies of the following publications at our office;

Helping Children and Youth Live With Separation & Divorce: Health Canada

What Happens Next?  Information for Kids About Separation and Divorce: Department of Justice

Making Plans: A Guide to Parenting Arrangements and Putting Kids First:  Department of Justice