The knowledgeable team at Rural Response for Healthy Children supports Huron County families.  Positive parenting programs and personal safety and social skills programs for children comprise the foundation of services and resources available.

The Support Journey

A friend calls the office, expressing concern for her friend, a single mom.

The single mom lives in an apartment with her two young children.
The municipality turned the water off because she is late with payments.
There is no running water for this household and the mom is worried.

She loves her children.  She is stressed.
She works two part-time jobs, one job is ending soon
and she still doesn’t have enough money for the bills.

Rural Response for Healthy Children guides her friend with
helpful suggestions to encourage the single mom to call us.  Thankfully,
the she makes the call.  A call for help.  It isn’t easy but she does it.

Rural Response for Healthy Children staff secure
written agreement from the mom
to connect her with services and resources in the community.
A plan begins.
What is the family’s immediate need?  Water
She has a supportive friend who pays the outstanding amount of the bill.

Next, assess government benefit opportunities to
ensure utilities and rent are paid.
We help her connect with Ontario Works.

She needs consistent day care for her youngest, a 3+ year old.
We connect her with the local day care and help her
with paperwork to secure a subsidy.
Day care benefits the child by providing routine, friendships and healthy meals,
alleviates child care pressures for the mom
and gives the mom some time to look for another job.

Periodically, the cupboards are low on food supplies.
When we visit her home, we take canned soups,
noodles, fresh tomatoes and yellow peppers
and invite her to come to our crockpot cooking
gathering to learn about healthy eating and meet other parents.

Her stress is decreasing.
She is working with our Budget Coaches to streamline expenses.
Her youngest has adjusted to the day care routine and no longer wets the bed.
Her older child has some fresh vegetables in his lunch more often.

A few months have past.
Her oldest child now greets us at the door when we visit.
The child smiles and tells us,
“I like when you visit.  You always make my Mom happy.”
We provide the child with a toy and board game from our lending toy library and
off he goes to play while we chat with his mom.

Goal setting and support continue.
Rural Response for Healthy Children made a connection
with her and she is thankful.
The benefits are beginning to show.

Rural Response for Healthy Children employees and volunteers are proud of the support they offer in the community.  Huron County families can have confidence that Rural Response for Healthy Children is a place where professional staff are caring, respectful and provide a safe place to build trust for the resources and education families need to connect, engage and thrive.


Rural Response for Healthy Children

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