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Our Family Support and Education team offer practical events and programs to families. Check out our programs page for a list of our current events and programs that are running from September to December 2023. There are in-person and virtual events for caregivers, children, and even professionals.

Family System Navigation

The team also supports families who are seeking additional help from other community organizations. This work is known as system navigation. 


If you are a parent/caregiver, with children living at home, we can help you find the support you need in Huron and Perth County. Call 1 (226) 699-0707 or email Susan or Jill for help.​​


Each year, we offer a variety of workshops and learning series in elementary schools for primary grades across Huron and Perth counties. Themes relate to disability awareness, self-regulation, personal safety and social skills. 


The School Program Guide is shared with AMDSB and HPCDSB teachers in September, who make arrangements with our team for classroom delivery.

Additional resources for parents/caregivers on these topics are available here.



​Safe Places Youth Certification supports quality activities while reducing potential risks to children and youth.


Safe Places Youth Certification demonstrates to your community that you highly value your responsibility as a person in a position of trust with children and youth. It also demonstrates to children and youth that activity leaders have training and knowledge that contributes to building trust. 

If you are an activity leader or volunteer, find out more about how you can start the certification process. Contact Nicole or call 1 (226) 699-0707 ext. 101.



The Huron County Christmas Bureau provides gift cards for the provision of groceries and gifts for children, ensuring every family in Huron County has access to food on the table and presents on the holidays.


The Huron County Christmas Bureau is funded by donations and fundraising efforts from the community. For over 50 years, churches, schools, community organizations, businesses, and caring individuals have rallied together to ensure every child in our community experiences the wonder of Christmas.


Please join us in continuing this very special Huron County tradition.

Opening a Gift


The Canadian Tire Jumpstart program is for parents/caregivers who need financial support to help pay for their children’s sports registration fees and/or equipment relating to a registered program. Please apply on the Canadian Tire Jumpstart website.


As the local Canadian Tire Jumpstart Ambassador, we are available to help families complete online applications. If you need help completing the online form, we can help! Contact Nicole or call 1 (226) 699-0707 ext. 101 for help with the application for funding your children’s sports activities.

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