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Custody, Divorce & Separation

When a parent/caregiver relationship shifts and the family unit changes, it is important to support children and youth in coping with the changes. Common discussions between adults relate to custody, parent communication, boundaries, ensuring children thrive, and listening to your children. For more information, please email Susan from our Parent Support team here.  

During the pandemic, some family law services have shifted. Please download this summary Q&A document to help answer family law questions and learn how to access local services.

SPLIT: A film about divorce for children and thier parents

SPLIT: A film about divorce for children and thier parents

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The Ontario Ministry of Attorney General provides a helpful listing of additional online resources for parents.

Sesame Street provides a online divorce toolkit for parents and videos for young children.

Sometimes difficulties arise with sharing access for children. Huron Perth Supervised Access Program is available to families when both parents agree to the service or are court ordered.

We provide copies of the following publications at our office for pick-up (or we can mail copies):

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